A study of superiority complex as seen in William Shakespeare's Coriolanus

Kusumohardjo, Verawati (2003) A study of superiority complex as seen in William Shakespeare's Coriolanus. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This thesis primarily deals with the superiority complex as seen in William Shakespeare?s Coriolanus, which is the main character of this play. Shakespeare wraps this story in a good form of tragic drama in which the tragic hero meets his downfall because of a flaw in his character. Later, the thesis writer discusses the causes of Coriolanus?s superiority complex and how the superiority complex is manifested in Coriolanus?s life. Thus, the purpose of the study is, firstly. to show that Coriolanus becomes superior because of the influences of his personal qualities, his family atmosphere and the circumstances of the environment. In addition, it is also to show that the Coriolanus?s superiority reveals itself in his intense egocentricity, his pride and his gods-like nature. Then, in her methodology, the thesis writer uses several sources found in library, CD-ROM and internet search engines such as the collection of books and articles. It is a way to get wider and deeper information or criticism about the book itself and the author as well. As a matter of fact, the thesis writer deals with psychological theory namely Adler?s Superiority Complex as the theme of the study, yet she mainly uses literary approach in analyzing Corilanus?s character. In this character study, the thesis writer discusses two analysis namely Coriolanus?s upbringing and Coriolanus?s adulthood. In conclusion, the thesis writer finds that a man with superiority complex shows his egocentricity, pride and gods-like nature which are mostly caused by himself and his environment including his family atmosphere.

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