Blending in the aticles in Kompas and USA Today newspapers

Tanoyo, Meliana (2002) Blending in the aticles in Kompas and USA Today newspapers. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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Blending as one kind of word-formation processes is applied in the articles in the newspapers, and blending is a very productive source of word in modern English, both in literary and scientific work. By doing this research, the writer gets deep knowledge about blending. Moreover, she can use this knowledge as the basic knowledge if she wants to learn more about linguistics, especially for morphology. In this research, the writer wants to investigate in what way Indonesian blends in the articles in Kompas and English blends in the articles in USA Today apply the rules of blending. In her research, she uses theory of blending froin Bauer, theory of blending from Adams, and theory of Indonesian syllabification as underlying theories. Moreover, she uses theory of word forination from Yule, and theory of blending from Quirk, Greenbaum, Leech, and Svartvik as the supporting theories. The approach of this research was qualitative because the finding of this research were in the form of statements instead of number. Furthermore, the writer collected the data from the articles in Kompas and USA Today of March 21st until April 21st, 2002. Then, she analyzed those blends. For blends in Bahasa Indonesia, she found seven basic atterns and seven variations from the basic patterns. There are two patterns of Indonesian blends which is the same with the rules of blending in English. English blends do not always follow the rules of blending. There is one pattern of English blend which does not follow the rules of blending.

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