Inferiority complex as seen in Mary Thorne in Anthony trollope's doctor Thorne

Megawati, Yullia (2003) Inferiority complex as seen in Mary Thorne in Anthony trollope's doctor Thorne. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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The main discussion of this thesis is the psychological problem namely inferiority complex found in Mary Thorne, the main female character in Anthony Trollope?s Doctor Thorne. The thesis writer finds that Mary has some symptoms of psychological problem in her character traits, she, therefore, wants to analyze Mary?s psychological problem. The statement of this study is to find out the possibility of Mary?s psychological problem. as well as the causes behind her psychological problem. The purpose of this study is to prove that Mary has psychological problem namely inferiority complex as seen from her character traits and also to trace the possible causes of her inferiority complex. With the help of psychological theory of inferiority complex, the thesis writer tries to analyze psychological problem depicted in the novel. The analysis clarifies that inferiority complex is caused by some complicated causes. It may stem from childhood, which is stimulated by some environmental influences. In the case of Mary Thorne, her inferiority complex is much influenced by her family background and community. Significantly, Mary?s inferiority complex starts firstly from the rejection toward her birth. She begins to have inferior feelings yet she still realizes that she is worthy as God?s creature. Mary, then, experiences community?s disapprovals regarding her low birth. Those community?s disapprovals establish Mary?s inferiority complex in which she cannot overcome her inferior feelings anymore. Therefore, Mary Thorne becomes a submissive girl. In addition of her submissive attitude, Mary Thorne becomes over sensitive and seclusive. Her inferior feeling is actually understandable. However, it becomes problem when her inferior feelings change into inferiority complex in which she has exaggerated feeling of inferiority. As a result, Mary?s inferiority complex gives some significant impacts upon her character traits and leads her to behavioral disorder. The thesis writer finally concludes that all of Mary`s character traits are the portrayal of Mary?s inferiority complex.

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