The Study women's struggles against patriarchal system as seen in Caryl Churchill's top girls

Yong, Yap Bie (2003) The Study women's struggles against patriarchal system as seen in Caryl Churchill's top girls. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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Women?s movement in 1960s to 1980s brought changes in women?s life throughout the world and influenced many aspects of women?s lives. This movement also influenced theatrical world and created a period when women?s plays flourished. One of the plays from this period is Caryl Churchill?s Top Girls. This play talks about Marlene?s struggle, plus several other women?s from different period of time, in surviving inside the patriarchal system. In their struggles, they use different strategies. Therefore, I am curious to know what strategies that they use in their struggles in relation to the message of postmodern feminism reflected in the play. I choose to analyze only three characters-Marlene, Joan, and Patient Griselda because the three characters are very dominant. To analyze the play, I use cultural approach utilizing feminist theories, especially postmodern feminist theories, and psychological theories on gender roles and gender stereotypes. The characters in the play try to survive inside the system in different ways but mainly the ways can be categorized into two ways- ighting back the male domination by using power or traits believed to be masculine and resisting the domination by making use of the feminine traits possessed by women. However, all of their different strategies lead them to almost the same ending-they are all unhappy, miserable and lonely. In the end of the analysis, readers can see that the patriarchal system is very strong and unbreakable. It is so strong that the three female characters? achievements are measured by using male?s parameter. Their struggles are not efficient enough for they fail to deconstruct the social system. They are still trapped in the system constructed by the patriarchy. As for the postmodem feminist message, this play advises women to seek for new original way to gain equality and to view men and women simply as equal human beings.

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