Lexical choice in celebrities speech style in Aura tabloid

Wibowo, Linda Chrisviyanty (2003) Lexical choice in celebrities speech style in Aura tabloid. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This study is done in order to find the characteristics of lexical choice in the celebrities` speech styles. Here, the writer takes Shanaz Haque and Mayangsari as representatives of celebrities for the analysis during the interview section in AURA tabloid. For the purpose of the study, the writer applies some relevant theories such as The style of language used David Crystal?s theory of language style, Kridalaksana?s theory. on standardization comparing to the nonstandard ones, and Martin Joos? theory of styles in his The Five Clock for investigating the degree of intimacy. celebrities? use of language. The writer uses those theories since they are more elaborate and comprehensible. Other references are also used in order to support the analysis. In this study, the writer only deals with the lexical style analysis focusing on celebrities? words. The lexical analysis examines the use of nonstandard Indonesian words, i.e incomplete words and vernacular words, English words. divided into original and loan words, and figurative meaning words. The writer applied the descriptive approach. The writer herself is the instrument of the research. She collects the data from the tabloid, which has celebrities? interview section in AURA tabloid number 4 and 48 on February, the year 2000. Based on the data analysis, the writer found that the celebrities produce some unfamiliar system of grammar, particularly the words, which formed languages as their speech styles while they are talking. The celebrities also produce quite unrecognizable lexical characteristics, covering nonstandard Indonesian words. English words and figurative meaning words. The lexical elements used by the celebrities were likely different from those of the standard Indonesian. In addition, the writer otices that the way they delivered speech and used Indonesian languages are somewhat interesting to see since they produce words, which are superficially well-formed and acceptable, but tey actually break the rules of the target language; Indonesian, which needed a standard one. The findings prove that the nonstandard Indonesian words in vernacular ones most frequently appear in the speech of celebrities. There are three types of speech styles that are commonly used by the celebrities: a style mostly containing vernacular words, a style mostly containing English words, and yet and the style mostly containing figurative meaning words and incomplete words. The frist two styles, venacular and English words, sprinkled with the use of standard indonesian (figurative meaning words and incomplete words-incomplete forms from the standard languages).

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