The Conversational implicatures in two episodes of Desperate Housewifes

Budianto, Liliana (2007) The Conversational implicatures in two episodes of Desperate Housewifes. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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The understanding of implicatures is essential in the daily conversation. Because of its importance, Implicatures must be understood if someone wants to achieve a successful communication. Therefore, the writer is interested in revealing the implied meaning of the Implicatures. In the analysis, she uses Grice?s (1975) theory of Implicatures, Halliday and Hasan?s (1985) theory of Context of Situation, and the concept of Truth-Value. As the data, Desperate Housewives, Episode 15: Impossible and 16: The Lady Who Lunch provide many examples of the use of Implicatures in the daily life conversation. To analyze the data, first, she finds the utterance with Implicatures using the theory of Implicatures. Then, she finds the context of situation from those utterances. Third, finding the implied meaning of utterances with Implicatures using the concept of truth value as the fact. Finally, she categorizes the implied meaning based on the purpose of the conversation. As a result, the writer found that utterance with implicatures, in which the purpose is saving hearer?s face, is often used by the speaker.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: implicatures, context of situation, truth-value
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