An Analysis of code switching in Supernova: akar

Tandio, Sofie Yulindha (2007) An Analysis of code switching in Supernova: akar. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This present research is conducted to find out the code switching phenomenon which is produced by the supporting male character named Kell in the novel Supernova: Akar. This research is aimed to investigate the types of code switching and also the reasons of code switching produced by Kell. The writer mainly bases her research on the theories from Holmes (1992), Hoffmann (1991), Stockwell (2002), and Wardhaugh (2006).This research is a descriptive one. The writer got the data from the novel Supernova: Akar page 49-89 and 163-194, and she took only Kell?s statements. The writer used some steps in analyzing the data. First, she read the novel. Second, she retyped each section. Third, she identified all utterances of the selected character, i.e. Kell. Last, she identified the code switching occurrence in each complete utterance. After the writer had analyzed all Kell?s utterances, the writer found several findings. Kell produced two types and three reasons of code switching. The types of code switching were situational code switching and metaphorical code switching. The reasons of code switching were status, topic, and affective function reasons.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Uncontrolled Keywords: code switching, types of code switching, reasons of code switching
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