Penggunaan intercooler pada motor diesel dengan supercharger

, Donny (2006) Penggunaan intercooler pada motor diesel dengan supercharger. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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In application of supercharger, the air that get into combustion chamber is compressed so its pressure increased. Increasing the air pressure result increase air temperature. The O2 molecule decreases as the air temperature increases and therefore combustion is un perfect. led to rising air temperature. The air got increasingly hotter, its molecule O2 got increasingly less thusly the resultant combustion was less than perfect. For this reason, hence to overcome the heat due to supercharger work. Combustion engine with a supercharger have to be equipped with an Intercooler. The research result indicated that the power of diesel engine increased by 6.67%, the torque increased 6.67% and the specific fuel consumption decreased by 14.45% , if an intercooler is mounted before supercharger. An the contrary, if an intercooler is mounted after supercharger, the engine performance would be drop.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: intercooler, diesel engine, supercharger
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