A Study on english suffixes used by third year senior high school students

Allen, Christine (2006) A Study on english suffixes used by third year senior high school students. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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Suffix is a letter or sound or group of letters or sounds which are added to the end of a word, and which change the meaning or function of the word. Suffix is often used in the daily life writing to complete the sentence. But sometimes a person still makes mistakes in using it. The writer wants to know about the English suffixes used by the third year senior high school students, to what kinds of suffixes they are categorized and also the errors they make especially in the written texts. The writer uses the theories of affixation, suffixes, and error from the book written by O?Grady et al. (1996), Yule (1996), Bauer (1983), Godby et al. (1982) and Richards et al. (1985) in doing this research. She did a classroom test to collect the data that is in the form of translation test. The writer gets the results to answer her research questions. She found out that senior high school students often use twelve suffixes in their daily writing activity and even though they often use them, they still make mistakes in using them. The suffixes are categorized into two categories that are derivational and inflectional. In producing those twelve suffixes, they still doing mistakes.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: suffix, derivational, inflectional, error
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