Maintain the food quality in the Indonesian Restaurant Spandershoeve

, Fredy (2001) Maintain the food quality in the Indonesian Restaurant Spandershoeve. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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This thesis is about the quality of food product which is written as the first step in making the thesis which examine: The food quality with the emphasis on Selected Indonesian Restaurant Spandershoeve Qualitative research has been used. Divided in to three parts, the first parts is the literature review which contains quality of the food production which is very important to maintain the reputation of the restaurant and to increase the income by meeting the need of the costumer with the ability of the restaurant in order to get satisfaction for the customers, the reason why the measurement of ability important is to measure the price of the product with the product it self .The study also includes the connection between menu as a marketing tools in the restaurant and quality, type of quality, foundations and some aspects involved in quality, error or failure, and process to avoid the failure that might be started from the supplier or failure in producing the meaI, that is the reason why quality must be managed and involve every one in the process and be applied throughout the organization. Managing the quality in food production can not use the old way such as checking, testing, inspecting or measure at the end of the process because it will cost more time and money and this will make the guest feel unhappy The Second part, understanding quality of food product in Selected Indonesian Restaurant Spandershove, the kind of quality that suits the costumer (value for money), process to maintain the food quality, the ability of the personnel and equipment in meeting the costumer satisfaction, and standard This makes the restaurant aware about the product they are going to sell, that meet the customers? satisfaction even though it is difficult because service industry deals with people which are different to other industries. The third part of the research concern case study .The case study is based on literature review, interviews with the manpower to know their ability including the questionnaires to meet the costumer satisfaction, The case study gives the impression about the quality awareness in the Selected Indonesian Restaurant Spandershove and how the restaurant overcome the failure that might happened during the process of purchasing storing, and producing the food. The Spandershove restaurant in this research is seen as reasonable representative Selected Indonesian Restaurant This Indonesian Restaurant is the first Indonesian restaurant that achieve Michellin Star. Therefore the information gained through this research can give a valuable indication about the industry awareness. It can be concluded from The Spandershove that the restaurant is aware of the quality of the food they produce, influence their reputation and income of the restaurant. However the industry awareness of the quality of the food product can still be improved. Some recommendations for the restaurant company would be: 1. Meet the costumer satisfaction with the ability of the equipment because the right equipment can increase the speed of working and minimize the cost, the right way of cooking that help the manpower, and must meet the ability of the manpower because the difficulty to change the manpower with the machine power in fine dining restaurant industry. 2. Develop a working condition W e every employee feel responsible to produce a good quality, such as bonus and recognition for the good employee 3. Create clear and specific contract with the distributor to get the exact product. Because this is a relative new field of research, Mer researchis recommended to give more detailed information about this subject. For these following researches this study can be used as a starting point.

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