Penilaian tanah dan properti yang terkontaminasi

Too, San (2000) Penilaian tanah dan properti yang terkontaminasi. Bachelor thesis, Petra Christian University.

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Land contamination could be a problem in an investment because it can decrease the value of investment. This can be caused by the following: uncertainty in the process of cleaning, the cost that arise and law obligations. In valuing contaminated land and property, the valuer is expected to have environmental datas which can be used when valuing contaminated land and property. Those environmental datas are general information, contaminated information, treatment information, and valuation information. The approaches that are used for valuing are: firstly, cost to correct approach which takes an uncontaminated value figure, using either the invesment method or comparative method, and deducts remediation costs. The end result is the contaminated value. Secondly, the explicit Discounted Cash Flow approach. Valuer is expected to consider a few factors that affect the valuation. Those factors are knowledge of contaminated land treatment techniques, cost estimates, cost changes, the forecasting of future rent, capital flows and depreciation, and also not forgetting to include stigma valuation in the valuation report. Those approach used for valuing contaminated land and property are expected to yield valuable because contaminated land can be turned to usable land.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: investment, land contamination, property
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